Air traffic services personnel

Employees of air traffic services organisations with operational duties, i.e. those who provide safety related services for flights, need to have a licence issued by the Aviation Authorities after completion of an approved training course/courses. Training at Entry Point North prepares you for the next step –  on the job training at an Air Navigation Service Provider.

Air traffic controllers

An air traffic controller (ATCO) provides safety in the air and on ground at airports. The ATCO does this by instructing pilots to follow certain routes or to fly at specific altitudes, while using high technology equipment for surveillance and communication. It is an interesting and rewarding job that requires the ability to take swift decisions. It carries a high level of responsibility and requires a high level of professionalism.

Read more about the different types of air traffic controllers: those who work in tower control, those who work in approach control, and those who work in area control.

Flight information officers

The flight information officer (FISO) has similar duties and can be operational at smaller local airports, in air traffic control centres or at flight information centres. It is the FISO’s duty to forward essential safety information to pilots by radio communication. Read more about working in flight information service.