I want to be an air traffic controller; can I apply directly at Entry Point North?

It is not possible to apply for ATC training directly at Entry Point North. You should check your Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) requirements and send an application accordingly. The ANSP does the initial selection and is responsible for training the students. ANSPs also decide where to train the students and what courses they should receive.

The websites of the local Air Navigation Service Provider says applications are closed, when will they open?

Entry Point North is not in the position to know when Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) will need new air traffic controllers (ATCOs). ANSPs typically only train new air traffic controllers when they will need them, which means that recruitment happens irregularly and opening dates are unpredictable.

Entry Point North delivers training to ANSPs who have already selected students, and we do not handle individual applications for initial air traffic controller education. As the ANSPs handle the selection, the students have a secured unit training spot later on, needed to get an ATCO licence. Check the website of your Air Navigation Service Provider of choice for more information about their selection process. As soon as they set selection dates, it will be announced on their websites.

What does the training cost?

In most countries, the Air Navigation Service Provider that selected the student pays for the training when the student is admitted. However, it is best to check with your Air Navigation Service Provider. In general Entry Point North does not accept private students, except for our Spanish academy.

What languages are required for training to be an air traffic controller?

All of our training is provided in English. In general you also need to be fluent in the language of the country where you want to work as it is often used in operational work. However, this may depend on your position, and it is best to check with your Air Navigation Service Provider.

If I am an air traffic controller in my country, can I become one in another country?

Your EU ATCO licence is valid in other countries, but Air Navigation Service Providers have specific requirements such as the language that is spoken at the workplace. Medical examinations may also need to be retaken.

While European countries don’t accept the ICAO license without additional training, ICAO nations almost always accept European licenses as is. If you move to another Unit or Air Navigation Service Provider, it is normally a requirement to go through the local unit training. Please ask the Air Navigation Service Provider of your country of choice directly for more specific information.

Can I work as an air traffic controller at Entry Point North?

We are a training organisation and do not provide any ATC services. However, if you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experience at Entry Point North, for example by being an instructor, please see our career options.

I have a medical condition and I am not sure whether I can be an air traffic controller. What do I do?

Medical requirements are different in every country. Please check your local Air Navigation Service Provider for specific requirements, as a medical test is also part of selection process.

How can I prepare for the selection tests?

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, it is best to prepare as little as possible. You can read more about this on the preparation page.

I did the FEAST test and did not pass, can I try again?

Eurocontrol does not allow retesting. Therefore we strongly advise you to not take the test when you are sick or in any other way not able to fully focus on the test.