Selecting air traffic service students

In order to start studying for a career in Air Traffic Services, you need to complete the following three steps:
  • Application. It is not possible to apply directly to Entry Point North: we train students that have been pre-selected or selected by Air Navigation Service Providers. If you would like to apply for Air Traffic Control or other education at Entry Point North, please check the selection requirements and recruitment process at an Air Navigation Service Provider in the country where you would like to work.
  • Pre-screening. Occasionally Entry Point North handles pre-screening on behalf of Scandinavian Air Navigation Service Providers. Applicants apply at their local Air Navigation Service Provider and then get pre-screened by us based on the general admission requirements specified by the Air Navigation Service Provider.
  • Selection Tests/FEAST. There are four phases of the selection process that you have to pass to be selected as a student for ATC/ATS. At the centre of these tests is a European test called FEAST.
Please note that the selection process varies among different Air Navigation Service Providers.