General preparation

Although it is understandable that candidates want to prepare for the tests, it will probably be a different type of preparation than you are used to. Because many abilities that are important in air traffic control such as spatial orientation cannot be learnt, preparing for the FEAST tests is not the same as the kind of preparation you might have made in the past for school examinations. However, despite not being able to give you a book to study that will ensure that you will pass, we can offer general guidelines.

Disregard test preparation books

Although there are general books about test preparation on the market, we do not recommend relying on these books as they can give wrong information about tests or teach misleading strategies. This can result in negative results in FEAST.

Familiarize yourself with Air Traffic Control

Instead, we believe it is important for you to look for information about Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the job of an air traffic controller. You should familiarise yourself with the challenges and demands of the job. You do this by looking around on the internet and reading aviation magazines, for example. The more you understand about the job you are applying for, the better you will feel as an applicant.

Be confident

To be a successful air traffic controller, you have to be confident in your skills and abilities. It is of no use to work hard to excel in the testing procedures if you do not feel really at ease with the cognitive and behavioural requirements for the job. Because if so, even if you started the training you might not pass later on.

Improving your English

There is one FEAST test that you can prepare for to improve your performance: the English language listening and comprehension test. By making a conscious effort to improve your knowledge and practice in English (for example by listening to radio or TV programmes in English or by reading English books, newspapers or articles), you can undoubtedly improve your knowledge of English.

At the testing session, your spoken English abilities will not be tested. Nevertheless, since the ability to speak English to a certain standard is an important requirement for the job of air traffic controller, it would help if you were able to practice speaking English before attending the tests. By making such efforts you will definitely enhance your chances of success in the selection process.

FEAST test takers consent

Please carefully read the Test Taker Consent document which you will have received. This document informs you about the way your test data will be used and stored. Your agreement to these conditions will be a prerequisite to take the FEAST tests.

Good luck with your preparations!