Measuring skills, abilities and English language level

The first phase of FEAST aims at measuring your basic skills and abilities in decision-making, logical reasoning, visual perception, attention, multi-tasking, and spatial orientation. This phase also includes a test on your knowledge of the English language. These tests are built on an internet platform in a fully secure site, and can only be accessed by authorised and trained test administrators. Because of their web-based nature, the Selection Phase 1 tests can be administered at various locations.

Uniformity and objectivity of the test procedure

The scoring procedures of the test are fully computerized and it is evaluated automatically. The test data is stored on a secure EUROCONTROL central server accessible by authorised personnel. It is important to note that each candidate takes the tests under the same conditions and with the same instruction. You may therefore rest assured that all applicants are treated equally and fairly.

Before the test

The tests are demanding in terms of concentration. Resilience and perseverance will be required. Therefore, you should only attend the testing in a good physical and mental condition. Please be aware that some medications can have a negative effect on the ability to concentrate. If you are in doubt about the effect of any such medications, you should seek medical advice and declare it beforehand. Although most applicants are usually nervous before any such event, it has been shown that a relaxed and composed attitude will be most helpful when approaching the tests.

The test

During the day of the testing you will be welcomed by a test administrator who guides you through the day and explains everything you need to know before you actually start the tests. All tests are computer-based, which means the use of a keyboard and a mouse is required. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to take the web based tests, and there is a 10 minute break during the test session.

Every test is preceded by an introduction that explains the principles of the test and presents example questions and solutions. You get the opportunity to answer such an example question to make sure you know what is being asked of you.

Some tests use a multiple-choice format, meaning you receive a number of solutions to choose from. Only one solution is the correct one. In other tests, you will be required to react as quickly as possible. In general, you should always try to work as quickly and precisely as possible. It is also important to note that you might not be able to answer all items in all tests. This should not discourage you as it does not necessarily mean that you have failed the test.

After the test

Applicants with the highest scores in Selection Phase 1 (typically the top 30%) are invited to take part in Selection Phase 2.