Measuring your multi-tasking abilities

Once you have successfully passed the FEAST web-based tests, you may be invited to attend a second round of testing. These tests can be administered at different locations in various countries. In this second phase you will do two work sample tests aimed at measuring your multi-tasking abilities. These tests are quite complex and will require you to perform a number of different tasks at the same time, just like you would in the job of an air traffic controller.

It takes about 4 hours to complete the tests in Selection Phase 2. It is important to note that no pre-existing knowledge about Air Traffic Control (ATC) procedures or other specific knowledge is required: the test is designed for beginners with no background in ATC. The test instructions are very detailed and ensure that everything is explained before the test starts.

Candidate bank

The test scores in Selection Phase 1 & 2 are computed by using a weighted formula. Qualified candidates are ranked top-down based on their composite score and registered in a candidate bank. A number of candidates from the bank based on the amount of training slots the Air Navigation Service Provider has requested will be invited to take part in Selection Phase 3.