Entry Point North, Sweden

Sweden is the home of our headquarters (sales, administration, and management offices) and the largest Entry Point North training site, which is located in Malmö (approx. 30 km from Malmö city and 52 km from Copenhagen Airport). Entry Point North also offers simulator services at airports in Stockholm and Norrköping. Entry Point North is a certified training organisation in accordance with the Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340.
Our site in Malmö is equipped with 6700 m² of training facilities: classrooms, simulator rooms, cbt rooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms fitted with the latest AV equipment. Our site in Malmö has 94 simulator positions, eight 180° TWR 3D simulators and two 270°/360° TWR 3D simulators. In Stockholm, Entry Point North is equipped with eight simulator positions (five pilot and three controller) and one 270°/360° TWR 3D simulator. At our site in Norrköping, we have ten radar/pilot simulator positions.

Student guide

Read our student guide for helpful information about training at Entry Point North in Malmö.

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Entry Point North AB
Flygledningsvägen 2
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